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Virtual activities such as webinars saw a tremendous increase in demand during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown. Since executives and managers had to keep in touch to keep the business alive, they needed to hold seminars to discuss the way forward using the web. 

Webinars are presentations, lectures, workshops, and seminars transmitted over the web using video conferencing software. This means whether you were using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or any other video conferencing/ call app, it was a webinar.

So do you want to create or present amazing webinars over the net on your company website? Here are a couple of tips on how to strategize your webinar presentations, planning, hosting, and presenting. These tips guarantee your webinar presentation to be a success.

How does this affect your SEO ranking? Webinars are so powerful because they have been proven to be an excellent way to:
This sounds perfect, and you likely can't wait, but this isn't always the case. Not all webinars are of top quality, and so some of the benefits listed earlier may be lacking. In fact, only a few websites enjoy massive success for using webinars and most flat with low attendance and high drop off rates.

But this is where Semalt steps in to rectify the problem! 

We have compiled a list of tips we use to making your webinars out of the freezer and make it hottest on Google. But to understand these tips better, we need a basic understanding of what Webinars mean.

What is a Webinar?

Like we've explained, Webinars stand for online or web seminars. It has all the necessary elements for the success of a seminar we mean: the host, presenter, presentation (usually slides and other visual media), and the audience.

The only and obvious difference with a physical seminar is that Webinars are strictly online. When designing a webinar, a template will have:

Why should you use webinars? 

If this is your first time trying out webinars, here are several reasons why using webinars is an excellent idea. 
  1. You become omnipresent: you can reach your audiences from anywhere in the world. You've avoided any limitation, such as expensive plane tickets for your guest, which means significantly more individuals in attendance.
  2. You maintain a direct connection to your audience: this is a huge factor in the success of webinars. This is extremely helpful if you already have enough traction as an industry leader. You could respond to your audience directly no matter where they are sited.
  3. You create trust: we've established how important trust is to your SEO performance. If your webinar performance is top-notch, it sends a message to your audience that you, your products, and services are top-notch as well. And what better way to build trust?
  4. You gain better leads: since registering for these webinars means submitting you're Email, you have the data to create targeted email marketing ads. This can push a ton of leads to your website. 
  5. You gain a huge source of inspiration: when you start, you discover that Webinar is only the beginning. With a little bit of creative genius, you can convert these webinars to videos as well as blog content for your audience.

How to create interesting webinars?

So do you want to get your webinars done the right way? Here is how we can create standout webinars. The first thing you will have to do is to:

1. Know your audience

To help you come up with the most appropriate answer, ask yourself:
By answering, you can discover the set of people that would find your seminar most helpful. This will then help you plan a webinar that's laser-focused on addressing a significant problem for your audience, therefore improving the number of your live audience.

For example, a website like Semalt will obviously do excellent because we already understand our audience. We know that they are: Entrepreneurs and individuals who have websites and are looking for ways to improve their SEO performance at affordable rates.

2. Think about your visual branding 

When creating an ideal webinar, be conscious of making everything align and flow back to your brand's visual tone. For example, we insert your logo where it makes sense. Some of these secret locations are at the opening animation or the main slides of the webinar. We also consider the font color, type, size, and other visual elements that highlight your brand image.

These details are small and usually overlooked, but these small things have more than enough power when it comes to designing the right brand image. By making the right choices in these brand image designing processes, you will deliver a cohesive experience to your webinar audience.

Also, your brand will be easily noticed, especially when the visual style is maintained.

3. Always remember your mobile device using audience

Not all internet users are in front of a computer, so not everyone who wants to view the webinar will be using a laptop or a computer. This means your webinars must be able to display on mobile devices without losing their form or design. It must be mobile-friendly to be easily accessed and attended by mobile phone using visitors. 

In figures, about 7% of webinar viewers prefer using their mobile devices. You can then add this figure to the number of general users who happen to be using their mobile devices. When they tune into your webinar, you'll see how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website.

To give them a flawless experience, you should:

4. Offer your marketing chip as an add on

Never be too hasty and reveal that you want your viewers to buy or hire what you are offering.  It is important that you recognize that webinars aren't added. Highlighting your product or services all through the seminar only makes it a lengthy ad.

As long as your webinar delivers as promised, your audience will get the message at the end of the day. They would feel convinced about why they should go with you and not simply been asked to do so. Here are two things you need to remember:

5. You can consider a paid webinar series

Using a webinar marketing strategy can be costly. A paid webinar, on the other hand, can pay for itself. By asking the attendees of the seminar to pay before they can attend, it automatically awakens a sense of better quality. Their expectations significantly improve, and they will expect something that's worth the fee. It is important that you do not let them down.

Once you are sure of the content in your webinar, then you can consider running a paid webinar. It is an excellent way to generate extra income.

It would be wise to wait until you are absolutely sure that your target audience thinks the webinar is worth it and are willing to pay for your webinar presentation.

6. Get help

It is wise that you consider getting a professional to smooth the process out for you, to avoid going crazy.

7. Pick the right topic

You must have high-quality content. Since webinars are made to teach the audience, you need to make sure you are discussing topics your audience finds interesting. Pick a topic that grabs the attention of your target audience. It would help if you remembered that your topic gives your audience their first impression. You should try your best to make this as interesting as possible.

8. Use a great speaker

 Make sure the speaker you use has sufficient knowledge on the topic you're discussing and has followed the script to keep the conversation flowing. Your speaker should be credible and demonstrate good authority.

9. Pick a date and time for the presentation

Generally, Thursdays are great days for webinars, and 11 am is also considered the perfect time.

10. Decide which webinar format you want to use

Once you've picked your topic, you can break down your content into bits of information using more specific sub-topics and plan the webinar in a format that suits the flow of information.

11. Do a test run

Until you've seen the webinar render, it is not safe to assume it is perfect. You should have a test run to see how great the webinar is and if it checks all your boxes.

These are some ways to ensure you get the very best webinars. With all these factors put into consideration, you benefit fully from webinars. As a web management and SEO company, Semalt provides amazing webinar services for web owners looking for professional and top-class webinar services.

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